Welcome to Upcycling Couture !  

My name is Cynthia and I began Upcycling Couture to chronicle my Upcycling DIY Projects.

Upcycling Couture is my creative outlet ! I’ve always loved crafty projects and thrifting clothes at my local thrift shop to turn them into uniques pieces.

During the day, I work full-time as a Front-End Developer and I currently live in Barcelona, Spain.

In my spare time, I also work on creating Web and Mobile Applications related to Upcycling and Zero Waste topics. I document the process every last day of the month on my Youtube Channel. If you are interested in becoming a Beta Tester, you can join the newsletter to be noticed one the beta version is released.

You’ll find new posts on my blog every week. I also post on my Youtube Channel every Wednesday and Saturday.

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