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DIY Denim Kitchen Apron

A kitchen apron is not only easy to make but also a useful and personalized gift.

Last month, I went to the second-hand market Two Market which takes place in L’Ovella Negra in Barcelona. Once a month, you can find very good deals thanks to the unique price of 1 € per item. These are individuals who sell their clothes (almost new in 80% of cases). One of the rare flea markets between individuals in Barcelona.

The only negative points of this place are: the low luminosity (I will come back in a future article) but also the absence of fitting rooms … I usually know if a garment is my size or not just by looking at it, but this time, I made a mistake.

So I bought this beautiful pair of jeans from DC Shoes, which after checking on their site is a jean cut … for men (they do not sell women’s ready to wear). So as you might imagine, it was too tight for my hips …

I could have given it or sold it (it is in perfect condition) but I said to myself, “why not give it a second life ?” After all, I know I’m not the only woman who has tight jeans in her closet.