DIY How to Transform T-Shirt Into A Wrap Top

We all know that size fitting can change a lot depending on each brand standard. However, SheIn & other Chinese fast-fashion brands seem to have the worst sizing standard.

Lately, I’ve seen this trend on Youtube to review “how SheIn clothes fit.”

Let’s be honest here, even if most of those YouTubers don’t disclaim it, they have been paid to make those videos and the clothes have been gifted to them.

Do you really think a Youtuber would buy X amount of $ worth of crappy clothes just to show you how bad they fit? I don’t think so…

Every time this kind of “brand review trend” appears on Youtube, you can be sure that’s it a brand promotional campaign. This whole aspect of online marketing made me very septical about SheIn and other fast-fashion brands.

When I went thrift-shopping a few months ago, I was looking for a bright white t-shirt. This one spotted my attention.

No stains, no holes, a cute heart patch on the front. It looked brand new.

Only two things caught my attention: it was from SheIn and it’s a size S but really fits like an L.

Now, I get why people were so confused and worried about the fitting of SheIn clothes… Anyway, I took it with the intention of making it into a wrap crop-top.

Wrap Crop-Tops are very simple to make. All you need is :

  • a t-shirt,
  • a pair of scissors,
  • a sewing machine.

First, you need to cut the back of the t-shirt in half.

Then, cut a line in the middle of the t-shirt’s front.

We are going to use the part we cut from the back to knot tie the crop-top.

So, cut it in half and sew it to the two edges of the front.

Voilà, you got yourself a brand new crop-top!



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