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DIY Inner Secret Pocket for Jacket

In a perfect world, all women’s coats would have at least one inside pocket.

We would not need to go out with a purse anymore. A large pocket would be enough to house our phone, our papers, our wallet and our keys (team “minimum minimum”). Unfortunately, the reality is very different. Hard to find a coat that pleases us AND with the option “inner pocket”.

“Men have pockets to store things, women for decoration.”

Christian Dior 

If the fashion industry refuses to change, it is still possible to change our clothes on our own. That’s why I created Upcycling Couture:)

Today I show you how to create and add an inner pocket to your seamless coat.

This tutorial does not require a sewing machine, just a pair of scissors, white glue and 1 meter of adhesive velcro. I unveil you on video:)