DIY Off-the-Shoulder Wrap Sweater

We all have an old sweater in our closets, anxiously waiting for a second life. Since the beginning of Winter, I have seen this type of oversized off-shoulder wrap sweater. But impossible to find this type of model in the store.

(left to right) : Democracy, Aritzia and Anthropologie

Online, the sites offering it are either overpriced, out of print, or from questionable quality Chinese factories. My inspiration for this DIY is between three sweaters from the American brands Democracy, Aritzia, and Anthropologie (left to right). Some are still in stock, but unfortunately, shipping costs + customs taxes double the prices.

So last month, I went to my favorite thrift store in Barcelona, ​​Humana. I found this superb emerald wool sweater from the brand Inside Knitwear (? Impossible to find the online store of this brand). I consciously chose a shirt two sizes above my usual format to play with the oversized side. It’s so rare to find a sweater of this color that I didn’t hesitate a second before I bought it. Indeed, the wool plush a little on the front but nothing severe because we will transform this simple sweater into a mix of jersey with low-cut shoulders and crossed bottom. I think this type of model doesn’t really have a name, but whatever!

Today, I suggest you make this DIY Off-Shoulder Wrap Sweater.

  • a sweater (one or two sizes above your usual size)
  • a pair of scissors
  • a sewing machine

To make the tutorial more interactive, I also offer an explanatory video.

How to make an Off-The-Shoulder Wrap Sweater

1: Place your sweater flat. On the front of the shirt, cut a straight line. Your sweater now looks like a cardigan.

2: Cut along both sides of the sweater.

3: You now have two strips of fabric in your hand, representing the front of the sweater, cross each side and fasten with pins.

4: Sew along with the pins.

5. Your sweater should now have the bottom crossed.

We will now move to the upper part of the sweater.

6. The neckline is very deep, we will remedy it by joining the two sides. Wear a little margin depending on the depth of the desired neckline.

7. It is important to sew the edges of the remaining sweater well to have beautiful finishes.


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